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Travel Planning 

For the

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Why Itinerate?

Planning a trip for a client is no easy task. Today, it involves finding a tour operator or a DMC that you can trust, sending them a request for proposal, and then exchanging sometimes hundreds of emails to narrow down and select activity, hotel, and transfer options for your client.
You have to wait for answers to even the simplest of questions, such as activity pricing or what options are available if your client wants to change their mind on a particular day. Working with different time zones can cause even more delays, and can lead to frustrated clients. Often, you have to vet itineraries for errors, and keep track of multiple proposal versions.  
The trip planning cycle simply takes too long today and is too prone to error. 
This is why we created Itinerate.

How Itinerate works for Advisors

Step 1: Sign up - it's free!
  • Itinerate is free to use for both suppliers and agents - there are no subscription or registration fees.
  • Itinerate takes a small commission on each booking made using our platform. 
Step 2: Find your supplier
  • Locate suppliers (DMCs and operators who are located in the country your client would like to travel to) on our platform.
  • Itinerate is growing every day, and we are always looking for new suppliers. If you have a suggestion for a supplier to add, please email
  • If you don't see a supplier listed for the area your client would like to travel to, we may not have onboarded a supplier in that area yet. You can email a request to add a supplier in that area to We may not be able to bring one on right away, but will let you know when a supplier in that area joins the platform.
Step 3: Select Your Proposal Pathway
You can create a proposal in three ways:
1) Select from a template - view templated trip proposals from your supplier that are not customized for your client. 
2) Bespoke - build a proposal piece by piece from the itinerary inventory your supplier has listed on the platform.
3) RFP - fill out a request for proposal to the supplier, the most traditional way to request a customized itinerary proposal for your client.
Step 4: Collaborate 
  • Use the chat function to communicate with the supplier regarding your client's proposal. No more keeping track of hundreds of emails!
  • Change out elements of your proposal - self serve with answers to questions such as pricing and activity options
  • Keep track of multiple proposal versions all in one place 
  • Add your markup
  • When you're ready, send the electronic itinerary to your client
Step 5: Book
  • Our system integrates with Stripe for secure client purchases - no more calling in credit card numbers to suppliers in other countries
  • Itinerate serves as the point of sale - when commission for your booking comes in, we will distribute it to your agency
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