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Travel Planning

For The

21st Century


Why Itinerate?

Jeff Rasley

You have an incredible network of vendors - drivers, guides, activity providers - that you have established relationships with. 
You'd love to spend more time building and executing trips to your area rather than answering emails with simple questions.
You spend far too much time keeping track of proposal versions and emails.
You'd like to reach a broader network of travel advisors through new sales channels. 
This is why we created Itinerate.
Step 1: Sign up - it's free!
  • Itinerate is free to use for both suppliers and agents - there are no subscription or registration fees.
  • Itinerate takes a small commission on each booking made using our platform. 
Step 2: Load your inventory
  • Add activities, tours, transfers, and hotels that you use for itineraries.
  • Create templates - add trips that you have run in the past to serve as examples for agents looking for suppliers in your area. 
Step 3: Respond to requests
  • Respond within 24 hours to requests from agents that will come in one of three pathways:
1) Template booking
2) Bespoke proposal
3) RFP
  • Respond to questions on proposals using the chat function
Step 4: Accept and confirm bookings
  • When a client is ready to book, confirm the booking on the platform and reserve your vendors in the same way you usaully do.
  • Itinerate is the point of sale, and will distribute payment to you from the client.
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